Brian PlastererJohn Martin

Brian Booze : Brian is a graduate of Lehigh University who worked for nine years as a Mechanical Engineer for companies like Grove Worldwide Industries and Ingersoll-Rand. Brian is a 4-time World Champion in various drag racing classes. He is now entering the field of circle-track racing with a 2004 Ford Taurus dirt late model car on a Mastersbilt Chassis.


Charlie Booze, Jr .: Charlie is a graduate of Shippensburg University and has been Manager of Booze Brother Racing Performance since it opened in 2000. Charlie is a 4-time World Champion in various drag racing classes, and known for his engine assembling and tuning capabilities.


Brian Plasterer : Brian has been a BBR employee since 2000. A trusted fabricator and performance technician for over 10 years, he owns and races a blue '66 Chevelle drag car. BBR uses this mid 9-second stock suspension race car to develop, test products and ideas for customers.


John Martin : John has been acting as the sales and shop manager for BBR since 2001. This role is expanding to include performance parts manager in the new Performance Center . John built a '73 Camaro which he street drives and shows locally and regionally. It has ranked best in class 3 out of the last 4 years at the Carlisle GM Nationals.