BBR Performance carries all lines of popular performance products. Visit us at our brand new 10,000 + sq. ft. facility centrally located in Marion , Pa. (Click here for directions)

BBR Performance offers custom fabrication ranging from a roll bar in a street car to a NHRA certifiable full roll cage in mild steel or chrome moly. We also perform suspension modifications such as ladder bars and four link designs. BBR will set up cars on four-pad scales to take the guesswork out of your chassis.

BBR Performance is pleased to add shock dynamometer testing to our line-up of racing performance parts and services. BBR utilizes the industry standard in dyno equipment from Roehrig Engineering, Inc. The Roehrig ShockTM Test Control and Damper Analysis software is used by most professional dirt track teams and major shock manufacturers.


Shock absorbers (dampers) are a critical component of a racecar, and should be tested periodically to make sure they're working correctly. Also, most dampers are highly adjustable. BBR Performance can run dyno tests to reveal the impact of adjustments to the race car set-up, giving drivers a competitive edge.

  • Four-Pad Scale Set-up
  • Caster/Camber Service
  • Bump Steer Service
  • Service Work
    • Brinn Transmissions
    • Bert Transmissions
    • Winters Rears

The knowledge and expertise gained from our own racing is what makes BBR Performance exceptional. We don't just sell parts, we'll help you determine the best part for your application and then work with you to get optimal results.